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(Pittsburgh, PA) Governor Tom Wolf announced today that Cresco Yeltrah is the first cultivator to have the state’s permission to begin growing and processing marijuana as part of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program.  Cresco Yeltrah, who was one of the highest scoring contenders in the state’s rigorous application process, is constructing a state-of-the-art cultivation center…

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Cresco Labs Wins 1 of 12 Cultivation & Processing Licenses in PA
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(Brookeville, PA) After proposing a very detailed community support program and outlining plans to manage the highest level of regulatory compliance, Cresco Yeltrah (CY) was awarded a cultivation license today as part of the Pennsylvania Compassionate Medical Cannabis program. The awardees of the state’s very stringent application process were announced today by the Department of…

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Cresco Labs Announces New Board Members
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Cresco Labs Announces New Board Members John R. Walter, PH.D, Tom Manning, and Gerry Corcoran join this market-leading team. MARCH, 2017 – Cresco Labs, Illinois’ largest Medical Cannabis Brand, announces the addition of three new members to their board of directors: John R. Walter, PH.D: Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Corporation and RR…

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Help Support The Fight To Add More Approved Medical Conditions
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The State of Illinois is refusing to expand the list of approved medical conditions for access to medical cannabis because they “are not going to expand the program at this time”. That is not a valid reason to deny a person access to state-legalized medicine. Putting secondary agendas ahead of the pain and suffering of…

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Every Strain Is Unique
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Many plants are known to grow in different varieties, each expressing unique characteristics while still remaining similar enough to be easily recognizable. One of the most prevalent examples of this kind of variety would be the many variations of the classic apple tree. While Granny Smith and Honeycrisp may both be apples, they are each…

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Understanding How To Renew Your Medical Cannabis Registry Card
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A medical cannabis registry card can only be renewed with the physical paper renewal form sent in the mail from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Medical Cannabis Division. Please click here for a look at what this letter will look like, or check out the photo section of Cresco Labs on Facebook. The IDPH…

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All About Tinctures
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Tinctures are one of the many available options from which Illinois medical cannabis patients can choose from when developing their ideal treatment plan with their patient care specialist. In the simplest definition, a tincture is an alcohol infused with cannabis oil. Tinctures offer one of the easiest cannabis products to consume without any combustion, smoke,…

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The DEA Says Cannabis Has No Medical Value. They Missed This Important Fact…
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People of all walks of life are posting pictures of their hands with 6630507 written on it, and the question of why is of the utmost importance. If you are an ally of the medical cannabis movement, 6630507 is a number you need to commit to your permanent memory today. This number is the identification…

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Federal Appeals Court Reaffirms Ban On Federal Prosecutions Of State-Legal Cannabis
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Chalk Up Another Win For The Medical Cannabis Movement! Yesterday a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that the Federal Department of Justice (DOJ) cannot prosecute individuals who stay within compliance with state-level cannabis laws. This ruling is very significant because the DOJ was previously misinterpreting the Rohrabacher-Farr…

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Illinois May See Chronic Postoperative Pain Added To Approved Conditions
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Illinois residents may soon see a new condition added to the list of approved conditions for medical cannabis. Chronic postoperative pain (C-POP) just got sent down the same path as migraines by Cook County Circuit Court Judge Neil Cohen. Unlike irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which was directed to be heard a second time by the…

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