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When examined under magnification, cannabis appears to be covered in small hair-like growths called trichomes. Some, but not all, of these trichomes will be a special type, called resin glands. These resin glands contain the majority of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. When they are broken off and collected via various solvent-less methods, they form a powder-like substance called kief. Kief is also sometimes referred to as “pollen” due to its obvious resemblance as a powder-like substance. However, kief is not pollen or involved in plant reproduction in any way.

Kief delivers a high THC potency without the use of chemical solvents to extract it. Concentrates like wax, shatter, and other oils, use a solvent that acts as a vessel to dissolve and absorb resin glands. Kief is produced by passing cannabis flowers through screens or filters. Cresco’s kief is collected via micron screen sifting. By using progressively finer screens, with smaller and smaller holes, the plant matter is agitated and resin glands are separated from the rest of the material. There are two different methods for collecting trichomes – wet and dry. Wet is known as bubble hash, while dry is known as dry sift. Each method produces a kief that is slightly different in smell, taste, flavor, and concentration of cannabinoids. The dry method is known for a more flavorful and deeper tasting product, as the water does not dissolve away terpenes and flavonoids. The wet method typically yields a higher THC potency, but removes a lot of the plant matter and water soluble terpenes that give the product its flavor. In both the dry and wet processes cold temperature is applied, to freeze and stiffen the flower’s resin glands. When the frozen plant matter is agitated, the resin glands break off easily. Cresco produces dry and wet solvent-less extracts, and uses a dry sift process to collect kief. The kief is then cured for two to three weeks before it is evaluated using a microscope. If it exhibits the right color, texture, aroma and moisture content, it will be packaged by hand and considered ready for sale.

cannabis-infographic-kief-5uses-dry sift
Kief is literally cannabinoid powder. It can increase the effectiveness of any strain of cannabis with one little sprinkle. Kief gives you the ability to increase the dosage level when your pain is at its worst, without requiring you to consume a significantly larger amount of cannabis. When kief is consumed (whether it be smoked, vaped or ingested) it can be a super extra strength medication for those particularly painful moments.

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