About Us

Leading The Medical Cannabis Conversation

About Our Company

Cresco Labs is a medical cannabis cultivating and manufacturing company dedicated to reliable relief. Our products currently service the patients of Illinois with precisely dosed, pharmaceutical-grade consistency in an array of forms. We strive to be one of the nation’s leading medical cannabis companies, focusing on regulatory compliance and patient safety & satisfaction.

Every team-member at our state-of-the-art facilities works with thoughtfulness and unparalleled expertise; from the grow to the extraction to the packaging & delivery. We have cultivated strong partnerships with dispensaries, law-makers, physicians and the community in the hopes that our work will be viewed as appropriate and meaningful. Welcome to a Cresco state of relief.

Mindy Segal Partnership

Cresco Labs was determined to elevate the cannabis-infused edibles industry with a sense of consistent, adult-focused, expert-crafted excellence. We partnered with James Beard Award-Winning Pastry Chef Mindy Segal and developed a simple approach — to make the best-tasting, consistently-dosed medicine in the marketplace. Her expertise has crafted edibles that start with the best quality ingredients and are infused with cannabis extract that is odorless and flavorless to allow the flavors to shine true.

Though taste is paramount, each batch of goodness starts with a precise calculation so that every piece has exactly the right amount of THC. Our culinary team is uniquely trained to provide the quality and accuracy patients need to find relief with maximum deliciousness.

Research & Development

We believe medical cannabis is an appropriate therapeutic treatment for patients suffering from many ailments. Bringing that belief to life for all those who need it requires conversation, research and results. In the interest of progressing this dialogue, Cresco Labs organized a team of physicians who are experts in their field – our Medical Advisory Board. Their task is to educate, train and inform medical professionals in Illinois on all aspects of cannabis as medicine. The first step was to design a Continuing Medical Education (CME) series in affiliation with leading academic medical centers.

Among them are Northwestern Memorial, University of Chicago and Rush University Medical Center. The Medical Advisory Board has succeeded in communicating the benefits of medical cannabis with physicians, patients, cultivators and government. Their ongoing efforts help to inform the treatment of medical conditions, the development of new forms of products and raise the standard of manufacturing for cannabis medicine. With great information comes the relief of reform & acceptance.

Outreach & Education

Cresco Labs lead the effort to educate potential patients in the process of successfully registering in the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program. We worked with a group of community advocates and full time patient support specialists to launch Illinois’ first awareness campaign to drive patient participation. Traditional advertising efforts such as billboards, radio commercials, print ads and social media helped to assimilate the medical cannabis program with mainstream wellness.

In building this community of support, the first 20 days resulted in tens of thousands of people from over 562 cities in Illinois to engage with our patient support team to learn how to seek relief. In the months since, Illinois has enrolled over 13,000 patients into the program. Our ongoing efforts to build a community of like-minded wellness-seekers includes partnerships with Caring Patriots, Women in Cannabis and several local food pantries across the state. Together we will continue strive for relief for all who need it.