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The State of Illinois is refusing to expand the list of approved medical conditions for access to medical cannabis because they “are not going to expand the program at this time”. That is not a valid reason to deny a person access to state-legalized medicine. Putting secondary agendas ahead of the pain and suffering of Illinois patients is plain wrong. Unfortunately, some of the very patients this program was intended to help, are instead forced to help the program. Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program initially included 39 medical conditions approved for access to medical cannabis. Patients worked to petition the advisory board and prove the case that their condition deserves to be added. Seven medical conditions were approved to be added by the program’s Medical Cannabis Advisory board (a board that included 5 physicians, 2 nurses, and 1 pharmacist), only to have the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) deny the recommendations.

Shah’s denial was done in a way which violated the petitioning patient’s constitutional right to a fair and open evidentiary hearing, and violated the rules of the medical cannabis program governing the addition of new conditions. The patients were left with no other option but to take IDPH to court themselves and fight for justice. Fortunately, the Judges in all seven cases ruled that the state is in the wrong, saying in one case “Director Shah engaged in a private investigation, hidden from public view and more importantly, hidden from the parties, and arrived at this conclusion based thereon. This process was constitutionally inappropriate.”

This is not acceptable and the Cook County courts agree but we need all interested parties, program participants, medical cannabis advocates, patients’ rights advocates and constitutional rights activists from around the country to help support this fight! In the spirit of “many hands make light work”, please contribute a donation to the legal fight against IDPH and help these patients win the fight for justice!

All seven lawsuits are currently working their way through the court system in various phases of appeal; respectively for chronic post-operative pain, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, intractable pain, and autism. The Goldberg Law Group has been the legal team fighting on behalf of suffering patients in Illinois — and they need our support. We all need to stand up here and now and fight to get the courts to add these medical conditions and to hold the State accountable for violating the constitutional rights of Illinois citizens!

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