Kosher Medical Cannabis Comes to America

Cresco strives to provide a premier product for the medical marijuana market, and a part of that premier product includes a stamp of kosher approval. In an effort to make our products meet the Jewish faith’s kosher standards for consumption, we recently had the pleasure of touring members of the Orthodox Union and the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

The New York Times took a deep dive into this subject matter, featuring both Cresco and Vireo Health, our peer with operations in New York and Minnesota. As the article points out, members of the Jewish faith have strict dietary laws that dictate what they can and cannot consume.

In an effort to comply with these laws, some of our products will meet the following standards, as outlined in the Times:

Ingredients must not come into contact with forbidden foods, like pigs or insects, and the restrictions extend all the way down the supply chain.

Every ingredient in a marijuana brownie, for example, needs to be kosher. The leaves, if eaten, would need to come from a bug-free plant. Marijuana gelcaps cannot be made out of pig gelatin. There are also rules for the equipment that processes kosher food. Vireo’s products that have been certified by the Orthodox Union can have the recognizable “OU” stamp on their packaging, and must submit to periodic inspections from the group’s rabbis.

The Orthodox Union only approves medical cannabis products which all of Cresco’s products currently are. Our vice president, David Ellis, tells the times that


“We literally took them through every square inch of the facility,”

to show the Orthodox Union how compliant our methods are with kosher standards.

Cresco strives to be a pioneer in the burgeoning medical marijuana industry. Providing a kosher, medical product for this sector of our nation is one way in which we intend to provide niche products for consumers in need of the right medical options.

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