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50 Best Companies to Work for in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is in a phase of unprecedented growth. A report from Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics noted the industry employed an estimated 200,000 people in 2017 and is expected to create another 400,000 jobs nationwide by 2021. Read More

Edibles the key growth opportunity in cannabis sector?

Cresco Labs CEO Charlie Bachtell on the company’s IPO and the outlook for the cannabis sector. Read More

Cresco Labs Begins Trading in Canada, but CEO Says U.S. Cannabis Market Is Still Its Focus

American cannabis company Cresco Labs begins listing its shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange on Monday, but that doesn’t mean the company is shifting its focus to the north. Cresco Labs CEO Charlie Bachtell told Cheddar that his goal remains dominating the U.S. market. Read More

Cresco Labs trades on CSE

Cresco Labs CEO Charlie Bachtell talks to Adam Shapiro and Julie Hyman about the company listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange today. Read More

The cannabis industry makes its first big design hire

Legal cannabis could be a $57 billion industry by 2027–with a vast majority of that coming from recreational marijuana. As a result, the once punchline-worthy drug is maturing into a socially acceptable business right before our eyes. That was particularly evident as the Chicago-based cannabis company Cresco Labs raised $100 million in new private investment this October. And it’s more evident today, as the company has signed designer Scott Wilson to the role of chief experience officer. Read More

Rebuffing Apple and Microsoft, Ex-Nike Creative Chief/Design Superstar Joins Top Cannabis Operator

In yet another sign of how the legal marijuana industry is gaining widespread acceptance, earlier this month, Cresco Labs, one of the largest multi-state cannabis operators in the country, made news by naming Scott Wilson, Nike’s former global creative director, in the newly created role of chief experience officer. Read More

Cresco Labs Appoints Key Executives And Accelerates Growth Ahead Of Expected Public Listing

At Cresco, we are celebrating the hiring of 350 full-time employees since our launch in 2016, with 300 hired over the past year. Our workforce is comprised of terrific talent and expertise from the marketing and sales, commercial agricultural, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods industries. Read More

Marijuana Stocks Are the Election’s Big Winners

The pot business won big at the polls last night, as voters supported state referendums and candidates that will bring some big states into America’s legal cannabis market. Nationally, the Democrats’ capture of the U.S. House of Representatives enhances prospects for banking legislation helpful to marijuana companies. Read More

Here’s how medical marijuana gets to your dispensary

A photo tour of Cresco Labs’ cultivation facility in Joliet. The firm, one of three major Illinois cannabis companies, recently got $100 million in funding and is eyeing an IPO. Read More

Opioids From a Vending Machine? Actually, It’s Selling a New Way to Look at Marijuana

Medical marijuana advocates have argued that pot is a safer alternative to opioids when it comes to pain management and should be considered as part of the solution in stemming the deadly epidemic. To that end, a vending machine recently made its way through Chicago to dispense not a new kind of prescription, but educational notes in praise of marijuana. Read More

Large Ohio medical marijuana grow licenses awarded

The businesses have nine months to fully comply with state law and regulations and receive a certificate of operation after a state inspection. Applicants were awarded up to 200 points based on their business, operations, quality assurance, security and financial plans. Read More

Ohio’s first marijuana cultivation facility to be built in Yellow Springs

For Bachtell, there is no better location in Ohio to set up shop than the remote enclave of about 3,700 people whose most famous resident, comedian Dave Chappelle, has described it as a “hippie town” for its free-spirited, counterculture reputation. Read More

Party at the Warhol: Medical marijuana groups find cooperating key to building new industry

Cresco Yeltrah, which is hosting the Warhol reception and a second one in Philadelphia on Thursday, is one of five groups that received permits for a medical marijuana grower/processor facility, as well as permits to operate up to three dispensaries.Read More

Medical marijuana firm launches cannabis info campaign

Cresco Yeltrah on Wednesday unveiled a nearly $500,000 ad campaign called “Welcome to a State of Relief” that includes newspaper, magazine, billboard and social media outlets.Read More

Coming soon to a billboard near you: Marijuana ads

Before a single seed has been legally sown, a cannabis producer and dispensary operator is launching the state’s first-ever marijuana marketing campaign. Its purpose: to alert Pennsylvanians to the medical marijuana program and get them thinking about it. Read More

Medical marijuana cultivator makes historic debut as Chicago Marathon sponsor

Last weekend’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon featured a medical cannabis information piece from race sponsor Cresco Labs, a medical cannabis cultivation company based in Illinois. Read More

Medical marijuana grows under strict conditions as industry expands

In a warehouse in Joliet, hundreds of marijuana plants sway under high-intensity lights, taking in carbon dioxide-rich air, sucking up a constant feed of nutrients and bristling with buds. Read More

Inside One of the Chicago-Area’s Medical Marijuana Cultivation Centers

Conventional wisdom says that marijuana is easy to grow. But it’s one thing to grow pot plants in your dorm room. Professionals will tell you it’s a very different matter to grow them by the thousands for the state’s Medical Cannabis program and insure consistency from plant to plant. Read More

Weed is winning: 4 signs the marijuana business is booming

Mindy Segal, owner of Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago. She’s a big name in the pastry world. She’s the author of the award-winning cookbook “Cookie Love” and won the James Beard Foundation award for Outstanding Pastry Chef in 2012… she’s hooking up with Cresco Labs, which has three Illinois medical marijuana cultivation licenses. Read More

Cannabis Company’s Deal With Celebrity Chef Part of Growing Trend

Cresco Labs CEO Charles Bachtell has been going to Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, a well-known Chicago restaurant a short walk from his house, for about 10 years. Read More

Where the weed comes from: Peek inside one of Illinois’ secret medical cannabis farms

Standing outside the nondescript warehouse in Joliet Illinois, about an hour’s drive from Chicago, you probably wouldn’t suspect to find anything out of the ordinary behind its doors. Read More

Marijuana cultivation in Illinois is a professional operation

JOLIET — Bright lights, swirling air and the pungent odor of maturing buds laced with sticky oil from thousands of plants with distinctive green leaves greet visitors at Cresco Labs’ medical marijuana cultivation center. Read More

From airplane banners to ‘adopting’ highways, cannabis companies are getting their names out in creative ways

When runners in the Chicago Marathon last October opened the swag bag they were given for participating, they discovered – among other items – a pamphlet about Illinois’ medical cannabis program inside, courtesy a local MMJ clinic. Read More

This Award-Winning Chef Is Serious About Marijuana Edibles

The way things are going, it’s only a matter of time before a single chef will be able to boast of winning both a James Beard award and a HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup for best marijuana-infused edible. And, for the moment at least, Mindy Segal would appear to have the inside track. Read More

Acclaimed Pastry Chef, Mindy Segal, Joins The Medical Cannabis Industry

A James Beard Award-winning chef has partnered with Illinois’ largest medical marijuana producer to create a co-branded line of edibles. Mindy Segal will bring her considerable experience as an acclaimed pastry chef and author to Cresco Labs, Illinois’ most prolific cannabis cultivator and retailer.. Read More

Don’t Call Them “Pot Brownies,” Mindy Segal to Launch Line of Edibles

Illinois has joined a slew of states making strides towards the legalization of marijuana, the most recent of which opened the doors for medical marijuana industry. This enables the drug to treat patients who have been professionally diagnosed with diseases like cancer, HIV and muscular dystrophy. Last month, the first dispensaries opened throughout the sate — and soon some of them will carry a line of edibles created by pastry chef, Mindy Segal (Hot Chocolate). Read More

Chef Mindy Segal to make marijuana-infused edibles for medical pot patients

A top chef may soon be causing the munchies even as she satisfies them. Prominent Chicago chef Mindy Segal announced Tuesday she plans to create a line of cannabis-infused edible products for medical marijuana patients. Read More

Edibles Evolved: How an Award-Winning Pastry Chef is Transforming Cannabis-Infused Treats

We’re witnessing the slow but steady evolution of cannabis-infused edibles as the legalization movement continues to pick up steam. Gone are the days of yesteryear when your only option for an infused treat was a weedy-tasting brownie that you bit into and pretended to enjoy while surreptitiously picking stem remnants out of your teeth. Read More

This famous Chicago pastry chef is developing a line of marijuana sweets

Weed-loving celebrities such as Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are cashing in on marijuana legalization by creating their own cannabis brands. But the latest famous face to launch a marijuana line is relying on her baking skills, not a reputation for partying, to sell her products. Read More

Not your average pot brownie: A real chef is making fancy marijuana edibles

Those who partake in marijuana edibles are mostly limited to gummy candies and baked goods, such as brownies. But if you’re a medical marijuana patient in Illinois, your edible choices are about to get fancy. Read More

High-End Edibles by Renowned Chefs Are the Next Big Thing in Weed

Segal, who won outstanding pastry chef in 2012 from the James Beard Foundation and runs Chicago’s highly praised Hot Chocolate Restaurant, announced she’s partnering with massive Illinois cannabis cultivator Cresco Labs to bring a line of fancy edibles to medical marijuana dispensaries around Illinois, where the state just approved 3,600 new medical marijuana patients, and five additional states. Read More

Tom Dick and Harry Advertising Chicago is high on medical cannabis in new Cresco Labs ads

After licenses to grow marijuana started being issued earlier this year, the medical cannabis business is now at the point where at least one major producer in Illinois, Cresco Labs, has tapped Tom Dick and Harry Advertising Chicago to develop an elaborate branding and ad campaign designed to raise awareness of medical cannabis. Read More

Cannabis Cultivator Makes Historic Debut at Chicago Marathon

Cresco Labs, Illinois’s largest approved grower of medical marijuana, sponsored last weekend’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon, making Cresco the first-of-its-kind to sponsor a mainstream athletic event in the country. The company’s sponsorship marked the launch of a million dollar outreach campaign to promote educational information on medical cannabis. Read More