President Obama Jokes About His Cannabis Use In White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech

This past weekend President Obama made a joke about his use of cannabis during his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The President eloquently quipped: “The last time I was that high, I was trying to decide my major“, as a play on perspective about how high his approval ratings are currently. Cannabis seems to carry a negative stigma in American culture, which it is why it is so monumental for the President of the United States to even bring up the subject, let alone his personal use. It is painfully ironic for a powerful man like Obama to joke about breaking the law and evading arrest, while countless of his fellow Americans either rot in Federal jail or suffer lifelong repercussions from cannabis related Federal convictions. If Obama would have been caught and convicted, his political record would have been forever tarnished, and we likely would be living under a different President right now. If the famous 1930s propaganda film Reefer Madness would have been truth rather than fiction, Obama would have suffered the terrible eventuality of insanity and madness offered in the film as the only result of cannabis use.

This speech was not the first time the president has openly talked about his previous use of cannabis. In his 1995 memoir, “Dreams From My Father” he honestly shared about how he used cannabis during his high school and college years. He has said in other interviews that he regrets his use of cannabis during his youth, and would not want his daughters to use the substance. Overall the President has had an open-mind to change when it comes to Federal enforcement of cannabis laws, speaking in favor of honoring states’ legal medical cannabis programs. With political change usually coming slowly, these trickling drops of honesty and acceptance from the position of the President can only grow into a gushing river of change.

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