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Cannabis Oil Massages – A New Touch
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Receiving a massage from a professional is one of the most relaxing therapeutic activities a person can partake in. If you are interested in taking your next visit to the masseuse to a higher level, consider integrating a cannabinoid rich oil or topical cream into your next massage. You may have to visit a new…

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Infant Reduces Seizures Using Cannabis Oil After All Else Fails
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An infant from Albuquerque, NM named Amylea Faith Nuñez recently returned home from the hospital. Not only did she return from the hospital, but she returned from the brink of death. Her seizures, some lasting as long as an hour, severely damaged her body leaving her unable to eat normally. Amylea suffers from a rare…

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CBD is THC’s partner in success
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If you are a medical patient, the strain with the highest THC may not be your ideal strain, and if you ignore CBD, you are missing half the picture. Most everyone who is familiar with cannabis, is also probably familiar with THC, jokingly called “the high causer”, formally known by its full name as Tetrahydrocannabinol.…

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The Core Five Compounds Found in Cannabis
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10, or even five years ago, marijuana was synonymous with “getting high.” But since then, research has begun to scratch the surface and emit some notable, empirical results proving the cannabis plant’s medical power. Now, we know there are at least 483 different chemical compounds in marijuana, but the effects of most are still a…

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