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The DEA Says Cannabis Has No Medical Value. They Missed This Important Fact…
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People of all walks of life are posting pictures of their hands with 6630507 written on it, and the question of why is of the utmost importance. If you are an ally of the medical cannabis movement, 6630507 is a number you need to commit to your permanent memory today. This number is the identification…

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The DEA Says No To Re-Scheduling Cannabis – And Why That’s Insane
800 538 Mark Francis

There are sources from the DEA who are saying that the organization is going to release their official response to the request to reschedule cannabis today. They are reported saying they will keep cannabis at Schedule I, but allow more universities (there has only been one single one up to now) to grow the plant…

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Doctors for Cannabis Regulations Forms to Support Legalization
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If a newly formed group of American doctors gets its way, the DEA will indeed reschedule cannabis this year. Over 50 prominent American doctors have just launched the Doctors for Cannabis Regulations (DFCR), a group founded on the firm belief that marijuana for adult recreational use should be outright legalized. The group, which includes former U.S. Surgeon…

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What Would Happen if the DEA Reschedules Cannabis This Year?
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The DEA will announce whether or not they will reschedule cannabis by “sometime mid-year” from its current Schedule I status to something else. That means the future of cannabis on a federal level could be decided as soon as tomorrow and as late as mid-summer. This major decision by the DEA, likely influenced by the FDA’s recommendation, involves a thorough…

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