Colorado Dispensary Seeks Denver Broncos Stadium Sponsorship

Could the United Center one day be called the Cresco Center? Probably not, but our pipe dream could be more of a reality than we ever would have imagined.

Native Roots, one of Colorado’s largest dispensary chains, has sparked the conversation between legal cannabis and sports sponsorships after declaring its desire to sponsor the Broncos’ famed Mile High Stadium. The stadium currently receives annual sponsorship money of $6 million from Sports Authority, a prominent Colorado brand that currently faces bankruptcy.

The Broncos have only stated that the organization and Sports Authority are “looking for a resolution before the next payment is due” and did not mention if that resolution involved a new sponsor for Sports Authority Field at Mile High. While Native Roots isn’t the only local company that would jump at such a marketing opportunity, it’s the most vocal and controversial potential partner for the Denver Broncos.

With 14 locations under the company’s belt, Native Roots and founder Rhett Jordan appear both capable and confident about the prospective sponsorship that appears to be more than just a wry publicity play. Jordan told The Denver Channel that

“No, this is not an April Fools’ joke — we have a ton of pride in the Broncos, we’re a large corporation in Colorado just like a Coors Light or a Sports Authority.”

Like a Coors Light or Sports Authority, Native Roots represents an evolving Colorado brand. Unlike Coors Light or Sports Authority, Native Roots also represents the nation’s hottest and most taboo industry that has never gone here before.

Legal and medical marijuana are a rising tide in America, but that rising tide has yet to result in local television commercials, let alone a major stadium sponsorship for the reigning Super Bowl champions. There’s little chance the Broncos organization nor the NFL would go for this, yet it’s still fun to consider the possibility.

At north of $6 billion a year now, legal cannabis is already such big business and it’s big business that will continue to grow at a steady rate. The marijuana industry is one without an uncertain future or descending sales.

People will always need medical marijuana for aches and pains, and that makes marijuana companies potential suitors for major brands. The sports industry may not be the first industry to bite on cannabis dollars, but other industries like music, video games, and food also make sensible partners.


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