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Senate Passes Bill Allowing Banks To Serve Cannabis Business
800 533 Mark Francis

My favorite number is three. This is now the third time the Federal Government has attempted to pass legislation which would allow banks to service cannabis businesses. As The Denver Post mused, “the third time could be a charm.” This author surely hopes so! For those who are not already aware, the vast majority of…

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Blood Donation And Cannabis Use
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Donating blood is one of the most giving, kind, and selfless acts a person can do for their fellow human. Recent events have reminded us just how important this literally life saving act really is in the big picture of life. In honor of World Blood Donor Day, Leafly did us all a favor and…

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The Magic Of Vaporization
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Vaporizing cannabis is like smoking cannabis, but without the smoke part. By heating cannabis to a point below combustion(fire), but above the boiling point of the the oily essence, the cannabinoids and terpenes are released into a vapor form without the material actually burning. By not combusting the material, only the oily essence of the…

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New Research Proves Being Lazy Is Bad For Your Health…But Cannabis Is Not
800 533 Mark Francis

Recently a group of researchers collaborated to look into the long-term health impacts of cannabis use. Their results reflected a fact that many illegal cannabis users already knew: being lazy may be bad for your health, but cannabis is not. There is a litany of studies which prove what common sense taught most of us, that being…

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Infant Reduces Seizures Using Cannabis Oil After All Else Fails
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An infant from Albuquerque, NM named Amylea Faith Nuñez recently returned home from the hospital. Not only did she return from the hospital, but she returned from the brink of death. Her seizures, some lasting as long as an hour, severely damaged her body leaving her unable to eat normally. Amylea suffers from a rare…

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Sitting Member Of US Congress Proudly Admits Using Cannabis Illegally For Arthritis Pain
800 471 Mark Francis

Recently while speaking on Capitol Hill Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) proudly gushed about how he used a cannabis topical to treat arthritis pain in his shoulder. While visiting Hempfest in San Bernardino, CA the Congressman picked up a topical product infused with cannabis. He explained that he suffers from arthritis pain in his shoulder from…

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Illinois Medical Cannabis Program To Expand
800 533 Mark Francis

Illinois politicians agreed this week on a bill to expand and extend the Illinois medical cannabis pilot program. A bill sponsored by Democratic State Representative Lou Lang was passed by the House on Memorial Day, and the Senate yesterday evening. The bill just made it through the process in time, as yesterday was also the…

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Prescription Opioid Abuse Rates Drop in Medical Marijuana States
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States with medical cannabis experience a noticeable dip in opioid abuse. Data gathered by health benefits provider Castlight Health indicates that when medical marijuana is available, people experiencing pain are less likely to overuse opioid prescription pills. In states with medical cannabis, only 2.8% of the population abused opioid prescriptions whereas in states without medical cannabis, 5.4% of the population…

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Las Vegas Approves Medical Marijuana Billboard Advertisements
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Medical marijuana has finally hit the Las Vegas strip, and that means Sin City has a new legal vice to monitor. With legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries now a viable entity and perhaps a threat to the city’s bread and butter (casinos and strip clubs), Las Vegas must decide how visible medical cannabis should be. That answer is…

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Pennsylvania Poised to Become America’s 24th Medical Marijuana State
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Pennsylvania’s long wait for medical marijuana will soon be over. Last week, the Keystone State’s House of Representatives voted in favor of Senate Bill 3 which legalizes medical marijuana for those with severe illnesses. The bill is now being weighed by the state Senate which is expected to make a few amendments and then give its…

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