Pennsylvania Poised to Become America’s 24th Medical Marijuana State

Pennsylvania’s long wait for medical marijuana will soon be over. Last week, the Keystone State’s House of Representatives voted in favor of Senate Bill 3 which legalizes medical marijuana for those with severe illnesses.

The bill is now being weighed by the state Senate which is expected to make a few amendments and then give its blessing. Thereafter, the bill goes to the governor’s desk, and Governor Wolf has stated he will sign that bill when that time comes.

The state’s patients may need to wait a few weeks to officially celebrate as the bill’s final parameters get set in stone, but medical marijuana in Pennsylvania appears to be a foregone conclusion. Likewise, that means America now has, with 24 medical marijuana states and the District of Columbia, a near even split of states with medical marijuana versus those without medical marijuana laws in place.

That number represents a clear tipping point, and as more states continue to discuss legalization (both medical and recreational) this year, those scales should tip even further of progression. It will be fascinating to see if this fact has an impact on a federal level and if America’s new president acts on marijuana reform.

In the mean time, Pennsylvania’s many patients with epilepsy, cancer, HIV, and other serious ailments will soon have relief. Like New York’s medical marijuana program, patients in Pennsylvania won’t be able to consume cannabis via inhalation. Medical relief will be offered in tincture, pill, and salve form.

While not ideal regulations, it’s a much needed positive step in the right direction for another East Coast state.


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