Sitting Member Of US Congress Proudly Admits Using Cannabis Illegally For Arthritis Pain

Recently while speaking on Capitol Hill Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) proudly gushed about how he used a cannabis topical to treat arthritis pain in his shoulder. While visiting Hempfest in San Bernardino, CA the Congressman picked up a topical product infused with cannabis. He explained that he suffers from arthritis pain in his shoulder from surfing, and that he was able to receive real relief from cannabis, which allowed him to sleep peacefully and restfully for the first time in years. You can listen to just his comments here, or the entire meeting here.

Rohrabacher proclaimed:
“I went to one of these hempfests in San Bernardino…and you know what? I tried it [topical cream] about two weeks ago, and it’s the first time… in a year-and-a-half that I’ve had a decent night’s sleep, because the arthritis pain was gone. Now don’t tell anybody I broke the law…They’ll bust down my door and, you know, and take whatever’s inside and use it for evidence against me. The bottom line is that… there’s definitely cannabis in there, and it makes sure that I can sleep now.”

This admission is groundbreaking and momentous, as Allan St. Pierre, executive director for NORML, told Cannabis Radio host Russ Belville, “This is definitely the first legislator in Congress in at least thirty-some-odd years who has acknowledged to using marijuana illegally. Back in the 19-early-80s, there was a congressman, Stewart McKinney… and he and a guy named Newt Gingrich introduced a bill, and it was all about his [McKinney’s] need to use medical marijuana, even back in the 1980s.” This is really no surprise that Rohrabacher is open to using cannabis, as he was instrumental in passing Federal legislation that prevents the Federal Government from going after after cannabis companies operating within state laws, as discussed in a previous blog post.

Surely there are many desks throughout the halls of Congress with some variation of high-class alcohol stashed inside. America’s most trusted “wellness product”, widely used for stress-relief throughout the levels of society. The legislators who walk the halls have the opportunity to have first-hand experiences with fellow members who have consumed alcohol. Life is all about perspective, as they say, and so being exposed to the responsible consumption of alcohol would allow the members of Congress some first-hand experience to use as a foundation from which to build their opinion of alcohol consumption. Imagine a world in which alcohol prohibition had persisted, reefer madness-like propaganda about alcohol was indoctrinated into society, and all personal alcohol use was clandestine and underground. Surely the idea that alcohol could be responsibly used by adults would be hard for those in the halls of Congress to imagine. Without a personal first-hand experience, a person is resigned to call upon their imagination to project the knowledge they have gathered into a real-world like arena, and from there make a conclusion about their opinion.


Rep. Rohrabacher surfing – Courtesy of Instagram

Today the members of Congress have been blessed by the courageous honesty of Rep. Rohrabacher, and now have a personal connection to a person who has received palliative relief from arthritis pain. Unlike the Anslinger era propaganda movie Reefer Madness would have us believe, Rohrabacher’s relief was not accompanied with a murderous-rage, an addiction to heroin, and the irresistible urge to jump out of a window. Hopefully this personal admission by Rohrabacher will enlighten his fellow Congress members, melting away the negative stigma of cannabis use, and be a first-hand anecdotal example that cannabis is real medicine. Contrary to more open cannabis states Colorado, Washington D.C. does not have retail dispensaries, as sale is forbidden, which results in cannabis still being partially underground. All the more reason why Rohrabacher’s honesty will give his fellow members of Congress the perspective they need to gain the ability to make more informed decisions about cannabis legislation.

Please click here and find your representatives in our Federal and State Government, and share with them the news about Rep. Rohrabacher’s success with using a cannabis topical for arthritis relief, in case they were not already aware. Also share with them how you feel about cannabis, and how you would like them to vote on cannabis legislation. Please take action, and earn the changes you would like to see in the future.

Do you think the government should take note of Rep. Rohrabacher’s success and pass legislation to require the DEA to deschedule cannabis? Please tell us how you feel in the comments below or on Facebook!

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