Relief Has Arrived

Cresco Labs Granted Approval to Open the First Ever Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Ohio

We are Cresco

We are industry experts – leading the cannabis conversation with a dogged dedication to developing quality cannabis products, each one obsessively researched and refined. Our fixation on regulatory compliance, passionate product improvement, and innovation have made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

Research, Innovation, Quality.

Cresco Labs is on a mission to produce quality, precision-dosed medical-grade cannabis. Our curated products go through a rigorous, state-compliant testing process for safety, potency and cannabinoid profiles. We take great pride in producing consistent cannabis that consumers can count on.

Relief Is Making Headlines


Cannabis has been shown to positively treat a variety of medical conditions. Explore the research and learn more about how cannabis can help.


The cannabis plant has been around for a millennia. Learn more about the component parts of this amazing healing plant.