Thoughtfully Crafted For Any Cannabis Consumer

We have always understood the importance of providing appropriate and approachable cannabis to customers across the country. Developing this understanding of the cannabis consumer has informed Cresco’s multi-brand approach to product development. Our suite of brands addresses a true variety of customers and their variant needs.


Namesake for our company, Cresco elevated everyday cannabis. THC-focused products available in flower, vape pens, and multiple forms of extracts. Each product falls into one of three proprietary categories: Rise, Refresh, Rest, named and color-coded to help the user intuitively identify the desired effects of the relevant strain’s cannabinoid profile.


In collaboration with James Beard Award Winning Chef Mindy Segal, Cresco Labs created the industry’s first true culinary-backed edible option. Completely free of cannabis flavor, both of Mindy’s lines are lauded for their unique flavor profiles and delectability. Mindy’s original line of Artisinal Edibles feature chocolate and toffee confections. The newest line, Mindy’s Kitchen, presents consumers with a fun line of fruit-forward gummies, hard sweets and chews. All Mindy’s products deliver absolute consistency and flavor found nowhere else in the edibles market.


Designed for more discerning palates, Reserve is a manifestation of the best efforts of our strains. Reserve products are made from our most premium and exclusive plants, and are the reward of years of selective breeding. Masterful cultivation techniques coax the ideal expression of each cultivar. These exceptional products are sought-after by premium cannabis connoisseurs.


Remedi products are designed for the medically-minded patient, with forms reminiscent of traditional pharmaceuticals. All Remedi products are CBD or CBN forward with an emphasis on balanced THC levels. Remedi gives patients consistent, dependable relief. Options provide precisely-dosed non-combustible products including tinctures, capsules, salves, sublingual oils and transdermal patches.