Leaders in Professional Cannabis

As one of the fastest-growing companies in cannabis, Cresco Labs leads industry across multiple disciplines. We are involved with every element of the seed-to-sales process – starting with state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, precisely designed to produce thriving cannabis plants. Our in-house lab team ensures product purity and quality before moving products through production, packaging, and shipment. We distribute our products to dispensaries nationwide, including several dispensaries owned and operated by our team.


We started our journey in the land of Lincoln, receiving the top 3 scores in the most competitive licensing process to date. Over 110,000 square feet of cultivation in three facilities yield enough product to service over 50 dispensaries across the entire state.


Cresco Labs moved into Pennsylvania with the second highest score of all submitted applications. Our facilities, located an hour outside of Pittsburgh, were the first to provide product to the state. The historic first sale of medical marijuana happened out of our own dispensary in February, 2018. More vertically-integrated dispensaries due to follow in coming months.


With one of the top application scores, Cresco Labs moved into Ohio. We were the first to break ground on over 50,000 square feet of cultivation, manufacturing and production space. In June of 2018, Cresco Labs won license to operate vertically-integrated dispensaries on Ohio.


Bringing pharmaceutical-quality cannabis to one of the largest recreational markets in the country in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cresco Labs has acquired an ownership interest in an existing Nevada operation which holds one cultivation, one processing, and one dispensary license located in Las Vegas.


Cresco Labs acquired an ownership interest in an existing Arizona operation which holds a vertically integrated license with cultivation, processing, and one dispensary location near Phoenix.


Cresco Labs has partnered with one of the largest indoor commercial farming networks in Central Coast California.